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Wood Heat Specification Sheets

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GroupItemProduct NameSpec Sheet
Universal2100JUniversal Pellet Stove 6″ Round Gasket, Exhaust, Single pdf
Universal2100LUniversal Pellet Stove 6″ Round Gasket, Exhaust, 3-Pack pdf
Universal2100XUniversal Pellet Stove 6″ Round Gasket, Exhaust, 10-Pack pdf
St. Croix2101JReplacement St Croix Pellet Stove Blower Gasket 80P20168-R pdf
St. Croix2102JReplacement St Croix Pellet Exhaust Gasket 80P52232 & Enviro 50-1448 pdf
Universal2103JUniversal Pellet Exhaust Blower Gasket EF-011, C-G-101, 6105721 pdf
Lopi2208CReplacement Lopi Evergreen NexGen-Fyre Baffle Board Kit, 250-03598/250-03599 pdf
Lopi2209CReplacement Lopi Endeavour NexGen-Fyre Baffle Board Kit, 250-05129/250-05218 pdf
Lopi2210CReplacementLopi Large Flush Wood Insert NexGen-Fyre Baffle Board Kit, 250-05482/250-05483 pdf
Lopi2211CReplacement Lopi Answer NexGen-Fyre Baffle Board Kit, 250-05147/250-05145 pdf
Lopi Liberty NexGen-Fyre Baffle Board Kit, 250-5335/250-05342
Universal2250AUniversal Baffle Board, Superwool, 2100F, 21” x 11-3/4” x 1/2” pdf
Universal2255EUniversal Baffle Blanket, Superwool, 2100F, 24” x 20” x 1/2” pdf
Universal2256EUniversal Baffle Blanket, Superwool, 2100F, 24” x 20” x 1” pdf
Universal2260JUniversal Gasket Paper, 2100F rated, 10” x 7” x 1/8” pdf
Napoleon2302AReplacement Napoleon Baffle Board, 1400 Series & S4 W010-3561, Single pdf
Napoleon2303AReplacement Napoleon Baffle Board, 1900 Series, S9, W010-3562, Single pdf
Napoleon2304AReplacement Timberwolf Fiber Baffle Board, T2200, T2201, EPI22, W010-3563 pdf
Napoleon2305AReplacement Timberwolf Fiber Baffle Board, T100, W010-3564 pdf
Napoleon2306AReplacement Napoleon Oakdale EPI3 Series and Timberwolf TI Series Inserts Baffle Board, W018-0133 pdf
Napoleon2307AReplacement Napoleon High Country 3000 and Timberwolf TZ300H Baffle Board, W018-0183 pdf
Napoleon2308AReplacement Napoleon Baffle Board, 1100 Series, W010-3560, W018-0077, Set of 2 pdf
Enviro2325AReplacement Enviro & VistaFlame Baffle Board, 1200, 50-1146, set of 2 pdf
Enviro2326AReplacement Enviro & VistaFlame Baffle Board, 1700, 50-1147, set of 2 pdf
Enviro2331EReplacement Enviro, Hudson River & Vista Flame Firebox Insulation EF-126 pdf
Quadra-fire2350EReplacement Quadrafire Cut to Size 1/2” Thick Baffle Blanket, 832-3390 pdf
Quadra-fire2351EReplacement Quadrafire Cut to Size Blanket 1” Thick Baffle Blanket, 832-3401 pdf
Quadra-fire2355AReplacement Quadrafire Baffle Board, 2100 ACC, Set of 2, SRV7039-111 pdf
Quadra-fire2356AReplacement Quadrafire Baffle Board, 2100 ACT, 831-2040 pdf
Quadra-fire2357AReplacement Quadrafire Baffle Board, 2700-I ACT, SRV7007-146 pdf
Quadra-fire2358AReplacement Quadrafire Baffle Board, 2700-I ACC, Set of 2, SRV7046-119 pdf
Quadra-fire2359AReplacement Quadrafire Baffle Board, 3100 ACC Step Top, Set of 2, SRV7033-209 pdf
Quadra-fire2360AReplacement Quadrafire Baffle Board, 3100 ACT, 3100-I ACT, 831-1800 pdf
Quadra-fire2361AReplacement Quadrafire Baffle Board, 4100-I ACT, Bodega Bay, 832-3520 pdf
Quadra-fire2362AReplacement Quadrafire Baffle Board, 4100 ACC, SRV7045-160, Set of 2. pdf
Quadra-fire2363AReplacement Quadrafire Baffle Board, 4300 ACC, SRV7037-112, Set of 2 pdf
Quadra-fire2364AReplacement Quadrafire Baffle Board, 4300 ACT Step Top, 831-1980 pdf
Quadra-fire2365AReplacement Quadrafire Baffle Board, 5100-I ACT, SRV438-0320 pdf
Quadra-fire2366AReplacement Quadrafire Baffle Board, 5100 ACC, SRV7047-146, Set of 2 pdf
Quadra-fire2367AReplacement Quadrafire Baffle Board, 5700 ACC, SRV7038-118, Set of 2 pcs. pdf
Quadra-fire2368AReplacement Quadrafire Baffle Board, 5700 ACT, Step Top, 832-3430 pdf
Quadra-fire2369AReplacement Quadrafire Baffle Board, 7100 FP, SRV433-0910 pdf
Quadra-fire2372AReplacement Quadrafire Baffle Board, Cumberland Gap, SRV7006-167 pdf
Quadra-fire2375AReplacement Quadrafire Baffle Board, Isle Royale, 434-0650 pdf
Quadra-fire2376AReplacement Quadrafire Baffle Board, Voyageur Grand ACC, SRV7075-186, Set 2 pdf
Quadra-fire2376EReplacement Quadrafire Baffle Blanket, Voyageur Grand ACC, SRV7075-187 pdf
Quadra-fire2380JReplacement Quadrafire Combustion Blower Housing Gasket 240-0812 pdf
Quadra-fire2382JReplacement Quadrafire Firepot Gasket 7034-190 pdf
Quadra-fire2385JReplacement Quadrafire Firepot Gasket 240-0930 pdf
Quadra-fire2387CReplacement Quadra-Fire Expedition II Baffle Board and Blanket Kit, 2xSRV7095-117/SRV7095-118 pdf
Quadra-fire2388CReplacement Quadra-Fire Pioneer II-C Baffle Board and Blanket Kit, 2xSRV4184-113/SRV4184-205 pdf
Quadra-fire2389CReplacement Quadra-Fire Expedition I Baffle Board and Blanket Kit, 2xSRV709-117, SRV7094-118
Quadra-fire2390CReplacement Quadra-Fire Pioneer III Baffle Board Kit, SERV4182-113/SRV4182-205 pdf
Vermont Castings2391CReplacement Vermont Castings Aspen C3 Baffle Board Kit, SRV3-40-859031/SRV3-44-950122 pdf
Vermont Castings2392AReplacement Vermont Castings Baffle Board Montpelier I, Stratton, 30004332 pdf
Harman2399JReplacement Harman Pellet Stove Tailpipe Gasket 3-44-06179, 1-00-07381 pdf
Harman2399KReplacement Harman Pellet Stove Burn Pot Gasket 3-44-00409, 1-00-07381 pdf
Englander2400AReplacement Englander Fiber Board Baffle – 13 Series AC-13CFB pdf
Englander2401AReplacement Englander Fiber Board Baffle – 13 Series AC-13CFB-MH pdf
Englander2402AReplacement Englander Fiber Baffle Board – 30/50 Series AC-30CFB pdf
Englander2404LReplacement Englander Pellet Stove Auger Bearing Gasket PU-ABG 2-Pack pdf
Englander2405JReplacement Englander Pellet Stove Burn Pot Flange Gasket PU-BPG pdf
Englander2406JReplacement Englander Pellet Stove Combustion Blower Gasket PU-CBG pdf
Englander2408AReplacement Englander Pellet Stove, CPM, Fiberboard, CPM-CFB pdf
Englander2409AReplacement Englander Pellet Stove, EP, Fiberboard, AC-CFBEP pdf
Englander2410AReplacement Englander Ceramic Fiber Baffle Board, 15-SSW01, Madison, AC-W01CFB pdf
Englander2411AReplacement Englander Ceramic Fiber Baffle Board, 15-SSW02, AC-W02CFB pdf
Hearthstone2425AReplacement Hearthstone Baffle Board Kit, Equinox, 8000, 90-76010 pdf
Hearthstone2426AReplacement Hearthstone Baffle Board, Mansfield 8011 & 8012, 3120-202 pdf
Hearthstone2426EReplacement Hearthstone Baffle Blanket, Mansfield 8011 & 8012, 3120-201 pdf
Hearthstone2427AReplacement Hearthstone Baffle Board, Homestead 8570F & 8570H, 3120-920 pdf
Hearthstone2428EReplacement Hearthstone Ceramic Baffle Blanket, Phoenix 8612, 3120-210 pdf
Hearthstone2429AReplacement Hearthstone Baffle Board Kit, Tribute 8040, 90-76400 pdf
Hearthstone2431AReplacement Hearthstone Baffle Board, Craftsbury 8390 & 8391, 3120-390 pdf
Hearthstone2432AReplacement Hearthstone Baffle Board Kit, Castleton 8030, 90-76300 pdf
Hearthstone2433AReplacement Hearthstone Baffle Kit, Manchester 8360, 93-76600 pdf
Hearthstone2434AReplacement Hearthstone Baffle Board, Clydesdale 8491, 3120-490 pdf
Hearthstone2435AReplacement Hearthstone Baffle Board, Morgan 8470, 3120-470 pdf
Hearthstone2437AReplacement Hearthstone Baffle Board Kit, Heritage I 8021, 90-76210 pdf
Hearthstone2438AReplacement Hearthstone Baffle Board Kit, Heritage II 8022, 90-76220 pdf
Hearthstone2439AReplacement Hearthstone Baffle Board Green Mountain 60, 96-76600 Set of 2 pdf
Hearthstone Baffle Board Manchester 8362, 3070-021 Set of 4
Hearthstone2442AReplacement Hearthstone Baffle Board Kit, Castleton I 8031, 90-76310, Set of 2 pdf
Hearthstone2443AReplacement Hearthstone Baffle Board Kit Craftsbury 2 8392, 96-76400 Set of 2 pdf
Hearthstone2444AReplacement Hearthstone Baffle Board, Mansfield 8013, 90-76130 Set of 2 pdf
Hearthstone2446AReplacement Hearthstone Baffle Board Kit Green Mountain 80 8680, 96-76800 pdf
SBI2503AReplacement SBI Baffle Board for Century, Drolet, Enerzone, 21389 pdf
Jotul2600EReplacement Replacement Jotul Baffle Insulation Blanket, F 118, 221506 pdf
Jotul2604EReplacement Replacement Jotul Insulation Blanket, F 500, 129083 pdf
Jotul2605EReplacement Replacement Jotul Firelight Insulation Blanket, F 600, 129506 pdf
Buck2675EReplacement Buck Top Firebox Ceramic Insulation, PO810013 pdf
Buck2676AReplacement Buck Stove Fiber Baffle Board, Model 21 and 261, POBPFB01 pdf
Buck2677AReplacement Buck Stove Fiber Baffle Board, Model 51 and 74, POBPFB74 pdf
Buck2678CReplacement Buck Stove Model 81 Baffle Board Kit, POBPFB81B/PO81CBLANKET pdf
Lennox2722AReplacement Lennox Ironstrike Baffle Boards, Grandview & Montlake 230, H8379 pdf
Lennox2725CReplacement Lennox Ironstrike Baffle Board & Blanket Kit, Striker, H8016 pdf
Lennox2726CReplacement Lennox Ironstrike Baffle Board & Blanket Kit, Performer, H8018 pdf
Lennox2727CReplacement Lennox Ironstrike Baffle Board & Blanket Kit, Legacy, H8020 pdf
Lennox2727EReplacement Lennox Ironstrike Baffle Blanket, Legacy, H8021 pdf
Lennox2728CReplacement Lennox Ironstrike Baffle Board & Blanket Kit, Canyon, H8022 pdf
Astria2729AReplacement Astria/Lennox/Superior/BIS Baffle Board Montecito, Tradition, PR-ISO2205, Set of 2 pdf
Ironstrike2730AReplacement Ironstrike Baffle Board Grandview GV230GL, Montlake GV230GL, F3847, Set of 2
Astria2733AReplacement Astria/Superior Baffle Board Kit, Montectio Estate CAT/WCT6940, F3017, Set of 2 pdf
US Stove2800AReplacement US Stove Baffle Board – Model 3000, 88145 pdf
US Stove2801AReplacement US Stove Baffle Board – Model 2000 & 2500, 88146 pdf
US Stove2802AReplacement US Stove Baffle Board – Model 2500, 88138 pdf
US Stove2803CReplacement US Stove Baffle Board & Blanket 88158, 88159, 88160 pdf
Regency2875AReplacement Regency Baffle Board Classic I2450 & F2450, 020-957 Set of 2
Regency2876AReplacement Regency Baffle Board Kit Cascades F1150/F1500/i1500, 075-955, Set of 3 pdf
RSF2901AReplacement RSF Baffle Board Focus 320, FR-98.11.20.RB
RSF2902AReplacement RSF Baffle Board OPEL 1/2/3/AP/2000, FT-98.11.20.P pdf
Pacific Energy2925AReplacement Pacific Energy Baffle Board Vista LE, 80002357 pdf
True North2926AReplacement True North Baffle Board TN19, TN20, 80000619 Set of 2 pdf
True North2927AReplacement True North Baffle Board TN10, 80002159 Set of 2 pdf