Wood Heat Specification Sheets

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GroupItemProduct NameSpec Sheet
Universal2100JUniversal Pellet Stove 6" Round Gasket, Exhaust, Single pdf
Universal2100LUniversal Pellet Stove 6" Round Gasket, Exhaust, 3-Pack pdf
Universal2100XUniversal Pellet Stove 6" Round Gasket, Exhaust, 10-Pack pdf
St. Croix2101JReplacement St Croix Pellet Stove Blower Gasket 80P20168-R pdf
St. Croix2102JReplacement St Croix Pellet Exhaust Gasket 80P52232 & Enviro 50-1448 pdf
Universal2103JUniversal Pellet Exhaust Blower Gasket EF-011, C-G-101, 6105721 pdf
Universal2250AUniversal Baffle Board, Superwool, 2100F, 21'' x 11-3/4'' x 1/2'' pdf
Universal2255EUniversal Baffle Blanket, Superwool, 2100F, 24'' x 20'' x 1/2'' pdf
Universal2256EUniversal Baffle Blanket, Superwool, 2100F, 24'' x 20'' x 1'' pdf
Universal2260JUniversal Gasket Paper, 2100F rated, 10'' x 7'' x 1/8'' pdf
Napoleon2302AReplacement Napoleon Baffle Board, 1400 Series & S4 W010-3561, Single pdf
Napoleon2303AReplacement Napoleon Baffle Board, 1900 Series, S9, W010-3562, Single pdf
Napoleon2304AReplacement Timberwolf Fiber Baffle Board, T2200, T2201, EPI22, W010-3563 pdf
Napoleon2305AReplacement Timberwolf Fiber Baffle Board, T100, W010-3564 pdf
Napoleon2314JReplacement Napoleon Pellet Stove Combustion Blower Gasket W290-0120 pdf
Enviro2325AReplacement Enviro & VistaFlame Baffle Board, 1200, 50-1146, set of 2 pdf
Enviro2326AReplacement Enviro & VistaFlame Baffle Board, 1700, 50-1147, set of 2 pdf
Enviro2331EReplacement Enviro, Hudson River & Vista Flame Firebox Insulation EF-126 pdf
Quadra-fire2350EReplacement Quadrafire Cut to Size 1/2'' Thick Baffle Blanket, 832-3390 pdf
Quadra-fire2351EReplacement Quadrafire Cut to Size Blanket 1'' Thick Baffle Blanket, 832-3401 pdf
Quadra-fire2355AReplacement Quadrafire Baffle Board, 2100 ACC, Set of 2, SRV7039-111 pdf
Quadra-fire2356AReplacement Quadrafire Baffle Board, 2100 ACT, 831-2040 pdf
Quadra-fire2357AReplacement Quadrafire Baffle Board, 2700-I ACT, SRV7007-146 pdf
Quadra-fire2358AReplacement Quadrafire Baffle Board, 2700-I ACC, Set of 2, SRV7046-119 pdf
Quadra-fire2359AReplacement Quadrafire Baffle Board, 3100 ACC Step Top, Set of 2, SRV7033-209 pdf
Quadra-fire2360AReplacement Quadrafire Baffle Board, 3100 ACT, 3100-I ACT, 831-1800 pdf
Quadra-fire2361AReplacement Quadrafire Baffle Board, 4100-I ACT, Bodega Bay, 832-3520 pdf
Quadra-fire2362AReplacement Quadrafire Baffle Board, 4100 ACC, SRV7045-160, Set of 2. pdf
Quadra-fire2363AReplacement Quadrafire Baffle Board, 4300 ACC, SRV7037-112, Set of 2 pdf
Quadra-fire2364AReplacement Quadrafire Baffle Board, 4300 ACT Step Top, 831-1980 pdf
Quadra-fire2365AReplacement Quadrafire Baffle Board, 5100-I ACT, SRV438-0320 pdf
Quadra-fire2366AReplacement Quadrafire Baffle Board, 5100 ACC, SRV7047-146, Set of 2 pdf
Quadra-fire2367AReplacement Quadrafire Baffle Board, 5700 ACC, SRV7038-118, Set of 2 pcs. pdf
Quadra-fire2368AReplacement Quadrafire Baffle Board, 5700 ACT, Step Top, 832-3430 pdf
Quadra-fire2369AReplacement Quadrafire Baffle Board, 7100 FP, SRV433-0910 pdf
Quadra-fire2372AReplacement Quadrafire Baffle Board, Cumberland Gap, SRV7006-167 pdf
Quadra-fire2375AReplacement Quadrafire Baffle Board, Isle Royale, 434-0650 pdf
Quadra-fire2376AReplacement Quadrafire Baffle Board, Voyageur Grand ACC, SRV7075-186, Set 2 pdf
Quadra-fire2376EReplacement Quadrafire Baffle Blanket, Voyageur Grand ACC, SRV7075-187 pdf
Quadra-fire2377AReplacement Quadrafire Baffle Board, Yosemite, BAFFLE-7004 pdf
Quadra-fire2380JReplacement Quadrafire Combustion Blower Housing Gasket 240-0812 pdf
Quadra-fire2382JReplacement Quadrafire Firepot Gasket 7034-190 pdf
Quadra-fire2385JReplacement Quadrafire Firepot Gasket 240-0930 pdf
Harman2399JReplacement Harman Pellet Stove Tailpipe Gasket 3-44-06179, 1-00-07381 pdf
Harman2399KReplacement Harman Pellet Stove Burn Pot Gasket 3-44-00409, 1-00-07381 pdf
Englander2400AReplacement Englander Fiber Board Baffle - 13 Series AC-13CFB pdf
Englander2401AReplacement Englander Fiber Board Baffle - 13 Series AC-13CFB-MH pdf
Englander2402AReplacement Englander Fiber Baffle Board - 30/50 Series AC-30CFB pdf
Englander2403AReplacement Englander Fiber Baffle Board - 17 Series AC-17RBT pdf