Lynn Manufacturing

Services for Custom Manufacturing


Lynn Manufacturing’s engineering team has a deep understanding of high temperature insulating materials.  We offer extensive technical and design support to customers.  We regularly use heat flow modelling to give theoretical solutions as well as thermal imaging to give a more practical picture. Our team can work with your Solidworks or DXF files.

Rapid Prototyping

Theory and practice can often be at opposite ends of the spectrum. Having a cheaper way to prove concepts is an important part of the design process. Lynn Manufacturing’s engineering staff can help build prototypes in a cost effective way that allows companies to prove their analysis.


If insulation needs to be pre-assembled with other components Lynn Manufacturing’s assembly team can accommodate that. They can accept component deliveries from your vendors and deliver to you a finished component that is already assembled.


To increase efficiency, your insulation packages can be kitted in whatever format specified. Packaging multiple pieces into a single package can typically reduce labor cost, material waste, and on site storage requirements.


Lynn Manufacturing’s 50,000 sq ft warehouse is located within a few miles of I-95 and has the largest inventory of high temperature insulating materials in the Northeast. In addition to stocking common items, special order and unique parts can be stocked and released in quantities and on a schedule that suits operational needs.