Ceramic fiber

The optimum design window for RCF has dramatically shrunk since the introduction of AES fibers, but it is still recommend for applications over 2000F. Amorphous man-made fibers produced from the melting and blowing or spinning of calcined kaolin clay or a combination of alumina (Al203) and silica (SiO2), and other oxides such as zirconia in lesser amounts. RCF products are generally used in industrial equipment like furnaces and kilns under critical application conditions, in fire protection and in boilers and furnaces.

Industrial Blanket Excellent insulating properties, low thermal conductivity, excellent thermal shock resistance, low heat storage capacity & inorganic (smoke free). Used in furnace kiln, reformer and boiler lining, laboratory ovens, furnace door lining and seals, furnace repair, annealing furnace linings, investment casting mold wrap, stress–relieving blankets, reusable steam and gas turbine insulation, expansion joints packing, high temperature gaskets, fire protection & acoustical service.
Classification Temp (F) DATA SDS
KAOWOOL, CERABLANKET 2300 – 2400 pdf pdf
CERACHROME, CERACHEM 2600 pdf pdfpdf
pdf Strong, thin, durable ceramic fiber based boards with a variety of high-temperature applications. Their use should be considered whenever there is a need for a thin, durable board with excellent insulating characteristics such as furnace and kiln hot face linings, combustion chambers for boilers and heaters, hot gas duct, flue and chimney liners, appliance and heat processing insulation & heat shields. Boards can be mechanically machined.
Classification Temp (F) DATA SDS
KAOWOOL M, PM, HP, HD, A, HS, HS45 2200-2500 pdf pdfpdf
KAOWOOL 2600, 80, 3000 2700-3000 pdf pdf
KAOWOOL INORGANIC I-2100, I-2300, I-2600, I-2800, I-A5 2100-2950 pdf pdf
pdf Produced in varying compositions, fiber length, compressed density, fiber content, fiber diameter, and lubricity to serve a wide range of customer needs, for example, expansion joints construction, low mass kiln car construction, tube seal fabrication, thermal and acoustical insulation, filtration media, reinforcement for plastic and resins and filler in resins and paints.
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CERACHEM, CERACHROME 2600 pdf pdfpdf
KAOWOOL, KAOWOOL HP, CERAFIBER 2300 – 2400 pdf pdf
pdf High-performance paper products for thermal, acoustical, or filtration management. Good resistance to tearing, high flexibility, resistant to thermal shock and have very low thermal conductivity and low thermal mass.
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KAOWOOL 500, 700, 900, 2000 2300 pdf pdf
KAOWOOL 2600, 3000 2600 – 3000 pdf pdf
K SHIELD BF 2400 pdf pdf
LYTHERM 550-L 2300 pdf pdf
LYTHERM 970-L 2300 pdf pdf
LYTHERM 1530-L, 1535-L 2300 pdf pdf
LYTHERM LDF 1500 pdf pdf
pdf Pyro-Bloc modules are manufactured from a monolithic ceramic fiber. Pyro-Bloc modules combine the insulating material advantages of ceramic fiber with rapid furnace installation. These modules are lightweight, have low heat storage and provide durable service.
Classification Temp (F) DATA SDS
PYRO-BLOC Y – R GRADE, ZR GRADE, C GRADE 2400 – 2600 pdf pdfpdf
PYRO-BLOC M – R GRADE, ZR GRADE, C GRADE 2400 – 2600 pdf pdfpdf
PYRO-FOLD M – HP GRADE, ZR GRADE, CR GRADE 2400 – 2600 pdf pdfpdf